Major Total Recall VR Software Update

LinX Series now supports RTP Stream Recording, Omnitronics Console Recording

We are delighted to announce the latest Total Recall VR software update! There are some major new functions in the TRVR LinX range. In summary, software version 10.4.0 introduces:

VoIP recording / RTP Stream Recording
- SIP session (call) recording via SPAN port
- H.323 call recording via SPAN port
- Unicast RTP streams via SPAN port
- Multicast RTP streams via SPAN port

Why is this cool? The support for unicast and multicast RTP streams means that we can interface with just about any Radio over IP (RoIP) and Audio over IP (AoIP) system. This opens up a multitude of new recording opportunities, for example, you can now:

- Record VoIP telephone calls where something other than SIP or H.323 are in use;
- Record audio streams between RoIP gateways, dispatch consoles etc;
- Record IP based intercom solutions;
- Record IP based public announcement (PA) systems;
- Record AoIP streams between broadcast equipment;

Essentially, there is now a far wider universe of IP based devices that you can record! This update also introduces specific support for Omnitronics range of IP-based radio console devices.

Onboard Storage Upgrade
The internal call database on Total Recall VR systems has been updated to the latest generation 'Object DB' - the same type of database offered by major database vendors such as Oracle. This means that Total Recall VR LinX recorders can now support up to 900,000 calls on the database, with the same (or better!) rapid search times that you have enjoyed with the previous product.

All Total Recall VR LinX products now use professional 1TB AV-GP hard drives, with 1 million hours MTBF.

Exciting developments! If you want to know more, please contact us.