Total Recall VR LinX Altus Released!

Incredibly Cost Effective, Professional Call Recording System | Supports Hybrid Analog, VoIP, Radio, RTP, Console Recording

We are proud to announce that the all-new Total Recall VR LinX Altus has been released and is now available from CCNC Solutions!

This model retains the familiar 19" rack mount enclosure seen in other Total Recall VR products, but features major hardware upgrades and is based on the all-new 64-bit Total Recall VR LinX platform.

LinX Altus includes support for recording both analog inputs, VoIP (SIP/H.323) and RTP streams which means that a single unit can record all of your telephones, radios, microphones, consoles or other devices! The on-board HDD storage capacity is an incredible 380,000 hours for analog recording, or 700,000 individual calls. A Blu-ray archive drive is included as standard. Dual Hot-Swap PSUs can be optioned, and we hope to introduce a RAID-1 (dual hard disk) option in the near future.

This is an important development for the Total Recall VR voice recorders, as it provides a highly professional solution for mission critical voice logging applications at an extremely cost effective price point. Military, emergency services and mining clients should especially take a close look at the LinX Altus!

If you have any questions about the new LinX Altus, as always, please contact us.