TCR-2000 Single Line Recorder

Only $599 AUD: Highly adaptable Single Channel Recorder for telephone, radio, meeting room, conference and dictation recording.

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Microlog TCR-2000, from CCNC Solutions, is the affordable single-channel digital recorder that completes your daily voice recording requirements.

Need to record your calls for regulatory compliance and transaction risk management? Want to control and safeguard your call recording for information security, confidentiality and privacy? The Microlog TCR-2000 is an excellent recording solution as it is a completely self-contained, compact and affordable phone/room recorder, covering the functions that even an advanced PC-based voice logger can't provide.

MicroLog TCR-2000 introduces 3 levels of user account, recording encryption and memory card password protection. This prevents unauthorised persons from accessing the call recordings. The built-in USB port makes it possible to transfer recorded data from memory card to PC directly thru a USB cable. The battery-powered option makes it possible to record meetings or other face-to-face communications, just like a hand-held dictaphone. Recorder Warning Tone and Recording Announcement are optionally supported and both are audible to all parties on the call, and are recorded.

With a breakthrough in price and functionality, MicroLog TCR-2000 is a perfect recording device for smaller radio or telephone recording requirements, such as financial planners, investment advisors, attorneys, call center agents, home-based business individuals and anyone who are in the need of voice recording when their conversations represent valuable agreements, or their telephone interactions must be monitored, or their security issues need to be considered.

  • Direct connection with analog line or digital/VoIP handset cord for call recording.
  • Built-in microphone for room recording.
  • Built-in speaker and earphone jack for listening of calls or live calls monitoring.
  • Power adapter or battery powered.
  • SD technology storing 2,300H of conversation on 32GB SDHC card (72H/1GB).
  • Total call recording or manual-controlled recording.
  • Date/time, length, Caller/Callee ID, inbound/outbound, Case ID, Comment, Value, Save, Important, phone/microphone and bookmarks stored.
  • "Important" and "Save" calls permanently stored.
  • Last call replayed instantly with one-key.
  • 3-speed forward/backward search according to date/time.
  • Search calls with multiple search option menu or search calls only assigned "importance".
  • Replay first matched call or all matched calls successively.
  • Bookmark and partial loop playback.
  • Voice storage low/full/absence alert and battery low alert.
  • Export or load configuration from memory card.
  • Supplied with free software for off-line playback and management thru PC.