Total Recall VR - LinX Essence

Cost Effective Call Recording for VoIP and RTP requirements, in an amazingly small enclosure!

LinX Essence VoIP Recorder Heading

Professional, reliable and cost effective call recording is now available in an incredibly compact package. Total Recall VR LinX Essence is the solution for all of your VoIP call recording needs.

Select the 'Server' version to access all call recorder unit functions and configuration via your network and Remote Manager - our PC software included with unlimited licences as part of your solution. Our Java based client software is easily installed via a wizard based application, and offers intuitive setup and navigation.

Alternatively, choose the 'GUI' version to access your Total Recall VR LinX Essence with a dedicated screen and keypad - perfect for users who need to regularly access call monitoring or search the call database.

Record up to 60 simultaneous VoIP or RTP channels. Additional VoIP or RTP channels may be activated with a simple license key, up to the maximum 60 channels.

Start and stop call recording (depending on your telephony interface) by VoIP session (SIP, H.323), Unicast or Multicast RTP stream, and/or Record-on-Demand (software control). Access to live monitoring is configurable per user-defined extension. Record-on-Demand gives users the option to record or discard current calls, or even to partially record calls if required. Record 100% of calls, or between user-defined times - the choice is yours.

Your call recordings are stored on a highly reliable (1 million hours+ MTBF) AV-GP hard disk drive. Support for SNMP alarms is standard, so you’ll always know how your Total Recall is operating. The ultra-quiet, ultra-compact enclosure boasts advanced cooling designs, maximising the life of your hardware. As Total Recall is CentOS Linux based, you can take advantage of the security, speed and reliability of an enterprise-grade 64-bit UNIX operating system.

Store up to 600,000 hours of call recordings onboard. You also have the option to automatically archive calls at pre-set intervals via your network to a NAS or other networked hard drive for long-term storage, or to a USB storage device. Optional external Blu-Ray drive support provides portable ultra-high capacity archiving media possibilities.

All unit configuration, live monitoring, search and replay functions may be performed from the convenience of your networked PC running Windows Vista/7/8. Copy calls from your Total Recall VR unit or archive discs to your computer, or email calls in .mp3, .wav or secure .trc formats. Remote Manager can also be used to add notes to calls in real time, which can later be used as a search parameter in conjunction with time, date, channel, extension, call direction, number called or CLI (where transmitted).

Use and manage multiple Total Recall VR units with one PC using Remote Manager, whether the units are across the room or the world! Connect to your call recorder via LAN/WAN/VPN or directly via the included cross-over network cable.

Optional advanced PC apps are also available, providing highly configurable search & replay on TRVR systems and archives, multi-track waveform replay of calls, event reconstruction, centralised continuous network archiving from one or multiple TRVR systems and/or simplified archive integrity checks & repair.

Multiple password secured access levels ensure that important system functions are only available to authorised personnel. Access to all software functions and recording/monitoring channels is completely configurable on a per-user basis, which maintains your data security while extending the benefits of recording to more people within your organisation.

When you need professional, reliable and easy-to-use call recording, you need Total Recall VR!