Total Recall VR - Products Overview

Six different models, all offering reliable, professional and cost effective call recording for VoIP Phones, RTP streams, Analog Telephones, Intercoms, 2-Way Radio, Dispatch Consoles and much more.

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LinX Omnia Heading

Total Recall VR LinX Omnia is our flagship, all-in-one, mission critical call recording solution. Combine up to 60 VoIP, RTP or ISDN recording channels with an additional 60 analog inputs. This system includes dual hot-swap PSUs and dual RAID-1 hard drive storage as standard inclusions, for voice logging environments where 100% reliability for recording all communications is critical.

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LinX Altus Voice Logger Heading

Total Recall VR LinX Altus is a highly flexible and cost effective call recording option for up to 72 simultaneous analog inputs, 30 VoIP / RTP channels, or and combination of the two. Offering all the powerful software features you need in a compact enclosure, Total Recall VR LinX Altus is the perfect call recording system for professional, mission critical applications who don't require all of the extreme hardware redundancy built into its larger cousin, the LinX Omnia (above).

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LinX Essence Heading

Total Recall VR LinX Essence is the compact and highly cost effective VoIP call recording option. LinX Essence packs the capacity for recording up to 60 simultaneous VoIP/RTP channels into an incredibly compact voice logging appliance. This model is avaialble as applicance-only (so you can configure, search, monitor, & replay calls all from your PC), or alternatively with a custom LCD screen and keypad (for dedicated & direct recorder acccess). Perfect for very cost effective VoIP recording, and for space-limited clients.

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TRVR LinX Neos Heading

Total Recall VR LinX Neos is the compact and cost effective desktop call recording option for up to 24 simultaneous analog inputs, and/or up to 30 VoIP, RTP or DMR inputs. Offering all the powerful software features of its larger cousins in a compact & lightweight enclosure, Total Recall VR LinX Neos is the perfect entry-level call recording system for smaller or space-limited applications.

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TRVR Classic Rack Heading

Total Recall VR Classic Rack is the most popular model worldwide. Record up to 60 simultaneous analog channels, or 8 VoIP channels. The custom designed rack-mount enclosure features a tilting colour LCD control panel, for installation at any height. This robust voice logging system is used in some of the most demanding environments worldwide, including airports & air traffic control, military applications, and mines.

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TRVR LinX Evolution Heading

Total Recall VR LinX Evolution is designed to record VoIP, RTP and/or ISDN communications. It is available as a server-only product (for clients who want pure PC-only access, such as call centers), or with a custom-designed LCD screen and keypad (for users who will regularly monitor or access calls - for example Emergency Service Dispatch operatots). This powerful phone recording solution can record up to 120 VoIP lines simultaneously, or up to 60 ISDN lines, taking advantage of the latest 64-bit CentOS Linux OS and computer hardware technology.

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