I have been asked the question “Why should I record?” many times in my career...


Let me take you through a quick scenario: a good client places an order over the phone, which is accepted, and then there is a dispute over quantity or pricing. Many hours can be spent trying to find out what went wrong, who made the mistake, with accusations made on both sides. This scenario carries the possibility of souring a client relationship that has likely taken months or years to establish. However, if you have recorded the call you could easily replay the conversation and then take appropriate action. Imagine how happy your client would be if your sales staff entered the incorrect price and you were able to apologise for the error on the same day, making immediate restitution. If the customer is wrong you can email the call to them and also work through a resolution. Both cases mean that the issues have been handled efficiently with the facts very clear.

Alternatively, imagine that one sales agent converts 1 in 10 of his cold calls and another agent converts 1 in 20. If you are recording the calls you can listen to each sales agents calls to determine why one is successful and the other not so successful. Targeted training for sales agents to make them more efficient is a better solution than replacing them and hoping the new one will work better. Recording for coaching has been a proven method for both sales and customer service to improve client calls and to make them more successful, because training programs can be designed to improve the areas that are actually needed, rather than using generic programs that may spend too much time training staff on things they are already proficient with and much less time on areas where they are going wrong.

I have never come across a company who have said to me that they wish they had never put a recorder into their business. In all cases the recorder has helped them in some way to streamline their customer relations. Maybe this is because when staff know they are being recorded they put more consideration into what they say, or maybe customers know they need to be genuine in their dealings 100% of the time. Certainly I have seen sales agents who have been helped by reviewing their own calls, and have told me it made them very conscious of what they now say to clients, very much improving their sales pitch.

Please, don’t wonder about it. Give us a call at CCNC Solutions and let us discuss how recording may help you to become more efficient. We have a product that will suit your business, and the experience to advise you on the best solution for your scenario.